Not a big bank, not a neo-bank.   A just right real bank.

Why we're different

Fully-owned by our members, we reinvest our earnings into higher interest rates for savings, lower interest rates for loans, into developing our technology and supporting our people. Our people are a family and their commitment is to help your family do their banking simply and successfully.

Our values 

Service and Integrity:  we're here for you and you can trust us
Respect:  We appreciate everybody’s similarities... and their differences
Memorable:  The next time you need something, you'll automatically think of us
Reliable:  You can expect consistency and accuracy from us
Flexible:  Let’s work together to find a better way

Our people

We are a family bank and our priority is people: our members, our people and our families. Some of our team have been with us for 20 years, their professional banking experience underpins our outstanding service and their help is always available to our members.


Our history

Starting in 1965, we have grown consistently through the merger of credit unions and co-operatives created to provide on-site banking facilities for the employees of organisations across industries including arts and recreation, technology, manufacturing and energy. In 2018 we formally became a mutual bank in order to offer our members all the financial services that we now provide.