Easy App

Easy App has 2 Screens

Did you know that the First Option mobile banking app has a second user screen? It has lots of great features, so here is a quick rundown.

  1. Set up a Savings Goal
    This is a fun feature that is easy to set up. You might be saving up for a holiday or a deposit on a house. Just follow the simple steps and add a photo of your goal. As you get closer to your goal, the photo becomes more colourful.
  2. Contact details
    Just click on the phone tile for all our contact details. There are phone numbers, business numbers and branch details.
  3. Calculators
    Want to know your borrowing power or loan repayments? First Option has a range of online calculators that are easy to use.
  4. Card Management including PIN change
    Another great feature that gives you control of your card. You can lock your card temporarily if you have misplaced it. You can also change your PIN, report a lost or stolen card or replace a damaged card.
  5. Info Section including FAQs
    This area has lots of important bits and pieces. You can learn more about First Option, our Security measures and tips on how to protect your money. You can also read our handy FAQs about a wide range of topics.
  6. Application forms
    Need to apply for a loan or a Visa Debit card? We have lots of online forms that make it easy to apply for the product or service you need.
  7. Online videos
    Do you want to add your First Option card to your phone? Or need to register for SMS One Time Passwords? First Option has a range of videos that will help you get the most from your banking.
    How do I access the second user screen?
    If you have an Apple phone, simply swipe left to access all the features on the second screen. However, if you have an Android phone just scroll down the page. It’s as easy as that.