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To register for PhoneLink simply apply online.

Just call us and follow the prompts. You will need to enter your member number and Phonelink access code. If it is the first time you are using the service, you will need to change the access code that was issued to you.

Our PhoneLink Telephone Banking service can be accessed while overseas using the International Access Number for Australia from that country. Although we do not charge for the service, international call rates will apply. Contact us for more.

What happens if I forget my access code?

Just call our Member Services team. They will happily walk you through the easy process to obtain a new access code.

What are the options available?

  •  Press 1 to hear your savings account balances
  •  Press 2 for loan and investment account balances
  •  Press 3 to check the last 5 transactions on an account
  •  Press 4 to transfer funds between selected accounts
  •  Press 5 to make a bill payment using BPAY
  •  Press 6 to access another Membership
  •  Press 7 to activate a Visa Card
  •  Press 8 for other PhoneLink functions
    •  Press 1 for Interest Earned
    •  Press 2 to change your Access Code
    •  Press 3 to see if a Cheque has been presented
    •  Press 4 to order a duplicate statement (fee may apply)
    •  Press 5 to perform a Loan Redraw
  •  Press 9 to speak to our Member Service Team (during office hours)

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