How much interest did you earn last year?

Now that we are in July, you might be thinking about doing your tax return. Some people do it right away, hoping for a big juicy return, while others leave it to the last minute and lodge it on 31 October.

No matter when you choose to lodge your return, you will need to know how much interest you earned during the last financial year. Here are three (3) ways that you can get your Interest Earned Summary from First Option Bank.

  1. Log in to Internet Banking. Go to “Accounts” then select “Interest”. Just make sure that you use the amounts from the previous financial year and not the amounts from the current/new financial year!
  2. Go to Easy App. Once you have logged in, select the icon in the top left corner (next to Home) then select “Extra Services”. Tap the “Interest Details” tile, then select Previous Year (not Current Year).
  3. Check your 30 June account statement. Below your transaction listing you will find a table that shows each account that earned interest and the amount earned.
Extra Services screen in App
Extra Services screen in Easy App

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