How to set up account alerts

To keep your bank accounts secure and well-managed, alerts and reminders can be quickly and easily set-up to automatically notify you by SMS or email when…

  • Money comes into, or goes out of, your accounts
  • If your balance drops below a certain amount
  • There is a login to your First Option internet banking 
  • You receive a secure message 

Just go to ‘Alerts’ under ‘Inbox’ in your internet banking portal and follow the on-screen prompts, if you need assistance just call our Member Service team for help.

Step 1. Login to your First Option internet banking account from the homepage link 

Step 2. Select ‘Alerts’ under Inbox on the main menu

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Add a new alert

Step 3. Choose the account you want the alert attached to, then the type of alert to create

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Choose the type of automatic alert

Step 4. Select how you wish to receive the new alert, and save

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Select how you receive the alert, and save!