Meet Simaima

‘Sim’ to her friends (which hopefully includes us now!) joined our Member Services team in Sydney from Ubank and Commbank where she amassed a wealth of experience and skills. 

Simaima is the perfect ‘people person’ and we’re sure you will appreciate her calm patience on the phone just as much as her better banking knowledge.

How long have you worked with First Option and what is your role?  

6 months and counting, wohooo!

Why did you apply for the job? 

So I can utilise the skills and experiences I have gained and also work for an organisation where I can grow and be part of the family 😊

Have you worked in the banking industry for a long time, or come from somewhere else? 

Going on 13 years! 10-plus years with CBA and a over a year for Ubank, now FOB

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?  

Spending time with my loved ones, watching the FOOTY (NRL) listening to good music, reading a good book and going out for meals

What’s your preferred cuisine (food) and why? 

Thai.. flavourful and yummy!!  

What TV shows are your ‘guilty pleasure’ to help you unwind of an evening? 

A good documentary or reality-based show … I just watched Queen Cleopatra on Netflix and loved it.

Now that we’re post-COVID, what are the benefits and challenges of being office-based? 

Meeting new people and socialising. I do sometimes miss the convenience of working-from-home though.

What does it mean to you that we’re a ‘mutual bank’? 

Not a big BANK, but more for our people and community. Friendly and family-orientated, and member owned.