Save your Grandparents some time

Do you guys remember what it was like when Video Recorders came out?
Was it just me, or did you guys also get called up by your grandparents and asked to get it connected to the TV?
It used to drive me crazy, but on reflection it was a skill that others simply didn’t have.
Let me tell you about another skill that your grandparents may not have and that is the ability to use internet banking.
You all may be able to log on, transfer money and check your balances everyday, but spare a thought for how your grandparents are doing their banking.

Online banking has been around for ages, but how many grandparents still walk to a branch or wait on hold for ages. So ask yourself, how much time and effort can you save your grandparents when you teach them how to OVERCOME FEAR.
Fear is why people don’t try something new, so let’s help our grandparents and show them how easy it is.
There is a better way!
Grandma/pa might be reluctant at the start, so we’ll provide some tips to help you out.
It’s worth persisting, as grandma may ask a hundred questions, but I’m sure if she taught you how to bake a cake, you may be apprehensive with this task also.


  1. Explain to them that online banking is easy to use
  2. Explain the benefits of how much time they can save and how convenient it is
  3. Comfort them that you’ll help them with the set up process
  4. Speak in basic language and don’t mention the cloud as they’ll probably look up!
  5. Write down the process, so they have a printed copy to refer to
  6. Show them how to find their balances, how to pay a bill, etc.
  7. Bookmark the URL so they know where to find it next time
  8. Agree on a follow up date for when you can do ‘banking’ again
  9. Set up the billers for them online so everything’s set up
  10. Each bank has self-help guides or videos, so find them and bookmark them

OK, so you may have cool grandparents, who are already online. And hey, they may even go skateboarding!
If you have one of grandparents like this and they’re not using internet banking, suss out what electronic device they feel most comfortable with.
Do they prefer a desktop/laptop computer, a tablet like an iPad, or a smart phone such as an iPhone or Android phone? If they’re not comfortable with any devices, think about getting them a tablet.
They are easy to use, portable, relatively inexpensive and have a large enough screen. What a great birthday or Christmas gift.
Hey, if your grandparents need assistance, call us up and we’d be more than happy to get you started and coach them with you.
Just imagine, their world will open right up when they see their accounts and balances and then can transfer $5 from one account to another, or pay a bill without leaving home.
Most of us take technology for granted, but what a gift of confidence.
So don’t give up and we’d love to hear about your experience and journey.

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